Tim's China Trip

My family and I are traveling to China to meet my new baby sister, Elizabeth YunDan.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Beijing to Guangzhou

Not much happened to day except we took a 3 hour flight from Beijing to Guangzhou and tomorrow we get our baby sister at 2pm. We got a new guide and her name is Cornelia and she’s really nice.

After we got to our White Swan Hotel, me and my brother and my Dad went to the pool at night and it was so chilly that it woke us up. I bet the pool is warmer tomorrow when it’s not nighttime.

Hi Tim,
You are lucky to have a pool there. And a 5 star hotel to boot, very classy!! I know you must be so excited to meet your new sister. She will just love you all, and I am so happy for all of you. When you meet her, tell her that her new Grandma and Grandpa will love her too.
Love Grandma
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