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My family and I are traveling to China to meet my new baby sister, Elizabeth YunDan.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Beijing Sightseeing Day 2

Today we were going to the Great Wall of China. On the way there, we went to a Jade Factory (Jewelry). There is fake jade and real jade. Fake jade has bubbles in it and real jade has a natural flower in it. My brother got an Ox and my Mom got a Rat for Elizabeth and I got a turtle. A turtle means long life in China.

When we got to the Great Wall, our family climbed to the top. The Wall was built to stop invaders from attacking China. The Great Wall is 2,000 years old and over 3,500 miles long and there are many workers buried under the wall. Also, the astronauts said that the only manmade thing they could see from the moon was the Great Wall.

My brother ran all the way up to the top without listening and then also ran all the way down without us.

After lunch, we went to a Tea Ceremony where we learned about different types tea and their uses in China. I tried all the teas, but I didn’t like any. Teas are used by the Chinese to heal and make the body stronger.

Finally, we went to the Chinese Acrobatic Show. In the beginning, it was really cool because they used lasers to show a face in the air and once the face stopped talking, there was a portal and a guy walked out of it. He changed suits REALLY FAST! The next act was a bunch of people doing flips off a board that looks like a see-saw. After that, there was platform that came up out of the ground with 3 strong men and they did a lot of balancing things. I was tired from climbing the Great Wall and fell asleep during the show.

Here is a movie of the Jade Factory tour and me climbing the Great Wall.

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