Friday, November 28, 2008

We Travel Back to Guangzhou

We left the hotel early to get a good start on the 6+ hour bus ride back to Guangzhou. But first we had to head south about a half hour to visit the beach at on the Sea of China.

It was a very nice beach boats that seemed more like ornaments than the working boats they were.

There were a variety of vendors on the beach, including a guy who gave pony rides. Of course Matt & Tim wanted one and had a nice stroll up the beach.

While at the beach, Cordelia (our guide) told us a story about a little girl that was beach combing and really scrutinizing which shell she would pick up. Some she would take, other she would leave. A man asked her why she was so selective. She said that the tide will come in a take many of the shells back and that she couldn't save them all, but realized that she could save many of them one at a time. (I'll let you, the reader, figure out why I included this story here.)

We left the beach and began out trek back to the White Swan. Everywhere in China, you see small family agri-farms where the locals work their crops. I caught this one picture that juxtaposes Old China with New. Note the farmer carrying water to his crops with the old water carrying device and he's no more than 50 yards from a huge power line station.

We stopped for lunch at a nice restaurant with an outlet store famous (in China) for it's knives. The prices were ridiculous. We bought Matt a torture tool and Tim some nunchuks. Each cost about $1.00. We also bought about 13 Swiss Army-like knives for Matt & Tim to give to their Scout Den members. They cost about $1.00, too.

The bus ride back was long, but uneventful. The adults took it worse than the babies. Dan-Dan kept her composure throughout.

We arrived a bit late and had to get our laundry out, so we ordered Papa John's pizza in. Dan-Dan immediately wanted in on it.

It's nice to be back in the White Swan and beginning the last leg of this trip.


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