Saturday, November 22, 2008

We Climb the Great Wall

We did it. The family climbed the Great Wall to the 5th Watchtower at the top of the mountain.

The magnitude of the Wall (that's what us insiders call it) is truly astounding. Climbing it is difficult enough (Stairmaster ought to come out with a Great Wall brand) but I couldn't imagine building the darned thing. And there's another 3,600 miles of the stuff. Wow.

Here's all the "adoptionists" in our group, prior to the climb:

Prior to the climb, we went to a Jade factory and saw the how the toils of the many realize vast foreign currency for the State:

After the climb we had lunch, accompanied by some Chinese liquor that tasted like jet fuel (those crazy Chinese and their additives!) We returned to Beijing, visited a Tea Room for some high learnin'.

Tim will show you all how you can tell if the temperature of the water is hot enough to seep tea. Trust me, you'll want to see how!

We ended the day by seeing a Chinese Acrobatic Show. Very interesting, but the boys were trashed by that point and Tim fell asleep in the show. Tomorrow, we leave for Guangzhou and will receive our newest baby on Monday.

Click here for more pictures from the day.

Here is video of an artisan making Happiness Ball out of a single block of Jade and also us climbing the Great Wall.


Blogger Mom of 7 said...

We missed your call at 5:40 Sat afternoon by minutes. we were at church. What an experience, climbing the great wall. Sue, you missed your chance of "accidently" pushing Greg off the great wall!!!
The pictures are so good, and isn't technology great, there you are in China, on the other side of the earth and in seconds we can see what you are all up to. Amazing. Now the really exciting part is coming, where you get to meet your new family member. Have a wonderful time on your trip to South China. Love Mom

November 22, 2008 2:56 PM  

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